Ghevento was the brainchild of three young people with a strong belief in the style and quality of Italian craftsmanship, who wanted to combine fine design and attention to detail in objects close to their hearts.

Ghevento aims to go against prevailing trends:
Ghevento signifies change,
it means returning to what is truly Italian,
it means re-envisaging the world around us in new shapes and colours, and with new options and possibilities.

But what is reality, if not how we see it?

It is only by taking a new look at the past, and learning from it, that we can build a BEAUTIFUL future.

So why not reinterpret what already exists in a whole new way?


When you choose Ghevento you are fully embracing Italian lifestyle.
An icon for your DOLCE VITA outfit.

Perfect for enjoying a good ESPRESSO by the lake Garda.

Perfect for a stylish APERITIVO on the Dolomites.

“Every component has been designed and manufactured in Italy, using only Italian materials, and relying on the expertise of artisans, professionals and leading companies in the sector.
All this guarantees the very best quality, and full compliance with current European standards.”